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What type of insurance is Travel Angel?

Travel Angel is a life insurance for traveling that covers you in case of a fatal accident while being a passenger of most transportation means. Travel Angel is underwritten by Cronos Insurance Ltd – a registered and regulated insurance provider in the Bahamas.

Who can be covered?
Any adult up to 80 years old, applying online and who is a resident of an eligible country.
Only one insurance policy is possible per person.

What is required from me?
We just need your identification information, email, mobile number, and a proof of address.
No medical check, health question or paperwork. It’s that simple!

What is covered?
We cover your life against an unexpected death accident while being a passenger of one of these vehicles:

  • Commercial flights
  • Commercial trains or subways
  • Commercial cruise ships or ferries
  • Commercial buses
  • Commercial aerial cable cars
  • Licensed taxis including Uber and Lyft.
  • Owners driving their personal 100 % electric vehicle and experiencing an accident due to a battery fire or explosion or autopilot failure.

How much does it cost?

We offer 3 different periods of travel life insurance coverage:

  • 1-month basic for US $19
  • 1-month premium for US $25
  • 12-month premium for US $199

What payment mode is accepted?

We accept major credit cards or Paypal.

Can I cancel my policy just after my application is approved?
You have a 10-day free lock period from the date of receipt of your policy certificate where you can ask for a reimbursement by sending an email to info@travelangel.life.

How much is the payout in case of death?
U$ 100 000 is paid in 48 hours after the claim approval.

Who can be my beneficiary?
You can choose any person and/or a child as your beneficiary but a maximum of two individuals can be selected. Usually relatives, living partners, children or a friend are designated.

In case of death when there are two beneficiaries, the payout will be split as per the selected ratio.

How can I renew my insurance?
Your travel accident insurance policy is automatically renewed for the same period unless you update it 7 days before the end of the contract.

When can I terminate my insurance?
You can terminate your insurance anytime, but it must be at least 7 days prior to the end of the plan’s term.

For example: if your 12-month plan ends on Sept. 30th, then you could cancel it no later than Sept. 23rd. Failing to terminate it on time, will create a renewal for the same term that cannot be canceled.

Can I modify my plan or my personal data?
You can change your insurance by renewing it with a different pricing plan, but it must be at least 7 days prior to the end of the plan’s term.

Modifying your personal data, can also be done anytime, with the exception of your name and birth date. A change of your biometric data or address will require you to upload new documents.

No change of the beneficiary is allowed after starting a claim.

What is not covered?
Our travel insurance coverage does not cover policyholder death while traveling and caused by one of the following events:

  • Nuclear damage, fission or fusion reaction, direct or indirect emission of radioactive cause.
  • Terrorism acts with the use of nuclear, radioactive, biological or chemical weapons/ material.
  • Acts of war, civil war, invasion, riot, civil commotion / revolts.
  • Natural disasters such as earthquake, volcanic eruption, tsunami, hurricane, landslide, avalanche.
  • Altercations with crew, participation in a violent action, fight, or riot in the travel event.
  • Suicide, natural death or health issues causing death.
  • Personal inadvertent actions causing your own death. (e.g. falling overboard a cruise ship)
  • Using a 100% electric vehicle for professional duties (e.g. taxi or truck driver)

How to make a Claim?

Filing for a claim must be done not later than 60 days after a fatality event and requires the login credential to access the Claim section at www.travelangel.life/claim.
The main documents required are:

  • Accident date, type of transport, company name, travel date and destination
  • Certified travel document (ticket, transport receipt, or any proof) that the policyholder was a passenger
  • Certified Police or Medical Death Certificate
  • Beneficiary certified passport / ID and proof of address
  • Beneficiary banking details

Why we collect your information and how we use it

All your personal data are collected for the execution of the insurance policy contract and stored on secured servers. We will only hold your information as long as necessary to administer the policy as long as you remain a Travel Angel client.

Also, in order to comply with KYC (Know Your Customer) legal regulatory requirements, we use Due Diligence service providers to verify your data to prevent fraud or money-laundering.

Finally, in the unfortunate event of a fatality, we will share your data with our reinsurance company for the good execution of the claim process.

For more information on our privacy policy, please click here.

We back your loved ones… and we are backed by a giant
All policy premiums we collect are here to serve eventual payouts for your family and loved ones when fatalities happen. We partner with the world’s third largest reinsurance company to cover exceptional situations.

Tax and Legal Regime
We don’t provide tax advice, so it is your responsibility to comply with your tax residency rules in case of a payout. And finally, all information regarding this insurance policy is governed in accordance with the laws of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

Should you need further information, please contact our chat line at www.travelangel.life or by email at info@travelangel.life.